Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Lauren's Way Instant Wash Off Glow

laurenswaywashoff laurenswaywashofftop P7170833 I've finally got round to trying out the Lauren's Way Instant Wash Off Glow (from Bloggers Boutique gift bag) I was slightly dubious to try it because I usually only put fake tan on for a night out and since it's been raining so much in England a wash off tan sounded like a spell for disaster!

But one Sunday evening in I thought I'd give it a bash. Using my Soltan Tanning Mitt for application. It comes out as a very dark brown nearly black liquid that is quite similar to a syrup.


I've never tried a liquid tan so it was a little weird to get used to, but since it is so dark you can see where you applied it. At first it looked slightly green-ish but a minute later I had a lovely natural glow. I thought it was a little tough to get an even all over tan, but my mum assured me this made it look more natural because you rarely get an even tan when on the beach, hmm okay then.

So application woes aside, how did it fare? I had an itch on my leg, which took a patch off and I noticed my shorts has a tan all inside them, yuck. But other than that it lasted well and it did develop a really nice shade. And I didn't have biscuit smelling legs!

I'd say this is a great tan when you need colour right there, right then and you know you won't be getting rained on! I'm not sure if it's right for me yet. It retails for £11.95 for 250ml from here

Annie x

P.S it open and closes if you turn the silver part, despite the fact the pump is labelled.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Current Skin Care Routine


So here is what I've been using on my face recently!

I start the day with a cleanse using Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and a flannel. As recommended by skin goddess, Caroline Hirons, well just the flannel part is. I've found my skin feels a lot softer than using a muslin cloth and it's just all over better!

Then I tone using Botanics Rose Water Toning Spray, it smells great and let's me think I'm using Caudalie. Rose water apparently stimulates blood flow in the tiny vessel under the skin. It's [rose water] also a favourite of Candice Swanepoel, who has flawless skin.

At this point I'll apply Body Shop Seaweed Moisturiser to my face and neck.

In the evening,I double cleanse (because I used moisturiser with SPF) and tone the same except for using eye make up remover first. Then I've been using Betty Hula The Secret Oil swiped over my face with a cotton pad. According to Betty Hula this can "help repair damaged and tired cells, combat dryness and reduce wrinkles to reveal your most radiant, youthful self" not too shabby! If I've got any big nasty spots then I'll use a tiny dab of Tea Tree Oil on it.

One last thing to mention, Fish Oil capsules! After reading of Caroline's blog she tells everyone to take Fish Oil, as not only do they have those all over body benefits from the Omega 3 but apparently they're great for reducing aging (not really a worry yet, but prevention is better than cure) and they just improve your skin all over. I'm a convert. Just take three a day; it really is advisable that you take them with food, otherwise you can get one or two fishy burps afterwards (very gross).

That is it! As long as I actually stick to this day in, day out (I get quite lazy about it sometimes) then my skin is good! Not perfect, but I'm not sure what else I can do. I don't like to over load my face and hate my skin care taking too long, more likely to get lazy about it! I think I'll wait to see how the Spanish sun affects my skin before I make any changes. I'll do proper posts about fish oil and the other bits mentioned I haven't yet posted about soon, so stay tuned.

Annie x

Friday, 20 July 2012

Olivia Accessories

After a bit of late night blog browsing on Saturday night (I live such an exciting life!) I discovered Olivia Accessories on Megan's blog and in a bit of a spur of the moment buy I bought their gold cuff, but only £6 so not too naughty!


Also in my parcel was the Multi Gem Cluster Ring.


It's a little more daring than I usually am with jewellery, but I like it.

Two other pieces I really wanted to get, but currently just a bit too much for me to spend on un-necessary purchases are the Gold Spikey Necklace and the Feather Bangle


I ordered my cuff late on Saturday night and it was delivered Tuesday morning, very snappy and it was FREE delivery!

Annie x

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Favourite Nail Polish: Barry M

Barry M

Just a quick post today on my favourite Nail Polish! Summer seems to be already coming to an end (not really sure if it ever started?!) and seen as I can't express that sunny feeling through my clothes I have been constantly swapping and changing my nail colour with various bright and sunny colours. Because I change my nail colour so much, I tend not to look for expensive polishes as I think you can get some really great budget ones that are of the same quality, which brings me to my favourite - Barry M Nail Paint.

For £2.99 each you can't go wrong with the price and I even prefer them to some of my Nails Inc polishes when it comes to lasting power. For how cheap they are, the colours really are highly pigmented and you can buy a few at once and create a bit of nail art if you fancy, which is what I did HERE.

What are your favourite polish brands? Sarah x

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Clarins Liquid Bronze


I love having a nice tan onmy body but hated having a pale face, after seeing Anna rave about Clarins Liquid Bronze I was dying to give it a go, so after a few months of saving on my Boots Advantage Card I finally bought it!

Lets face it, the weather was never going to allow me a natual tan! Using a cotton pad and about an average sized blob, little more than 20p size, I apply it to my face usually in the evenings at the end of my skincare routine and sometimes in the morning if I want to feel particularly bronzed. As you apply it it sort of changes colour, although you only notice on the cotton pad.

Few hours later though you can see the glow on your face, I wouldn't say I look tanned, per se, but you do notice a subtle change in colour. If you use it everyday then you can build a really nice natural colour. The best part is that it doesn't break me out!

A little goes a long way, I've had this for a few weeks now and barely any of my bottle has gone so it's sure to last a long time!

I think it is kindaaa pricey, at £17.50, just for tanning my face so I'm glad that I used my Boots points! But otherwise, go ahead and buy it!

Annie x

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Battle for the Bikini Body!

As Annie told you (here) a few days ago the good news that yipeeeeee we’re off to Spain, came the realisation that a) It’s only fair that I am in need of a new bikini wardrobe and b)I could probably do with getting a bikini body to go with those new Bikinis!

I would like to think the reason I haven’t tried up to now to lose the pounds and stop going through Mcdonalds Drive through with my boyfriend thinking nobody has to know, is because I wasn’t going on holiday and the British weather has hardly tempted me out of bed in a morning. But it’s down to the fact I am beyond lazy and have been trying to kid myself that I’m just so healthy!

So, seen as it’s hit me that in less than 2 months I will be living by the coast for the next 8 months, I’m kinda thinking I should get going. And I’m thinking hopefully just putting it out there on here means I have no choice but to get on with it - I hope…

I’ll update you in a few weeks and let you know how it’s all going. But until then, here’s the pics that inspire me to lose the Jelly arse I’ve been happily sporting till now! Wish me luck!

Sarah x

(All images sourced from Pinterest)

Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Body Shop: Make-up Brushes

The Body Shop has to be, in my opinion, a little overlooked when it comes to buying make-up and tools, they just don't seem to get much praise! So I thought I'd let you know how much I love them, in particular their range of make-up brushes.

Blusher Brush(£12),Concealer Brush(£9),Slanted brush(£9)

The Slanted Brush was the first brush I purchased from The Body Shop during a tutorial a few years ago, and it's actually great used as an eyeliner brush or shadow brush. The assistant also used it to create eyeliner with a wet eye shadow which worked really well! It's really sturdy and doesn't budge so you can get a straight line easily.

My second purchase was the Blusher Brush which I absolutely love! As soon as you feel how soft it is you know its amazing quality and after having it for a few years now I can honestly say I haven't lost any hairs from it and has kept it's softness and shape all the while. Also, it stops you from using too much blusher so you only need a little product and it makes your application buildable.

Aaaaand finally the Concealer Brush which is what I use it for but it's also meant to be a lipstick brush, which would be fine as well because of how sturdy and short the brush is. This one just does what it's meant to, nothing special apart from never losing its' shape!

Yes, the price is a little expensive when buying individual brushes, but the quality is great, and knowing the slanted brush and Blusher brush has lasted me over 2 years, you know you're getting the quality you pay for! I think they definitely rival the high end professional make-up brushes out there.

Sarah x

Friday, 13 July 2012

Some Exciting News..!

If for some looney reason you don't follow Sarah and I on Twitter (go on, do it Sarah's twitter, my twitter) you won't have seen us post about where we're being shipped to in Spain.

I'm off to Seville and Sarah is heading to Jerez de la Frontera!!

Very exciting, hot weather and barely any rain...could it get any better?! Oh yeah, we'll both have a local Sephora store too (Although I have to say I am jealous that Sarah will be living so close to the coast). Here are some pictures of our respective cities, c/o of Google and one or two of my own.



You're probably wondering why we're moving over 1000 miles though? We're going to be working as English Language Assistants in schools in Spain, this is a scheme ran by the British Council which sends us brits all over the world to work as language assistants in schools of all ages.

We're jetting off around mid/late September so after then up until we're all set up expect us to be very quiet on here and twitter!

All very exciting! I've been waiting for the opportunity since I was doing my GCSE Spanish, can't believe I'm actually going! Just got to work out what to take that'll fit in my 20k luggage allowance....err, help?

Annie x

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Manhattan Pure Gold Organic Argan Oil


Say hello my hair saviour, Manhattan Pure Organic Gold Argan Oil! I'd always wanted to try Morrocan Oil but didn't fancy coughing up to find it didn't suit my hair, so when it was used my hair when I last got it cut I fell in love. Since Argan Oil is the main ingredient in Morrocan Oil I looked of alternatives then I snagged this, two 50ml bottles of pure Argan Oil, for the wonderful price of £23 from BuyaPowa. Following a dead fly incident (which isn't Buyapowa's fault since they don't produce the product) they quickly sent me a whole fresh batch of two 50mls bottles. So now I have three bottles!


I separate my hair down the middle, so it's split into two equal halves, squirt (well tip then use the pump) two 5p sized blobs, rub my hand together then use one hand for each side of my hair. Use my fingers to make sure it's really combed through and job done!
I either blow dry or leave my hair to dry naturally but the results are the same. My hair is super soft, sleek and frizz free but not weighed down at all!

Pure Argan Oil is safe to use on your face but I haven't tried it yet since my current skincare routine seems to be doing wonders for my face. When my sample of face oil runs out I'll give it a whizz and let you know.

If Morrocan Oil seems a bit too steep try and find a responsibly produced bottle of Argan oil (not sure if mine is, as I didn't know anything about the production of argan oil beforehand). I'm loving Argan oil at the moment so in about 5 years when I've used all this up I'll probably want to get some more.

Annie x

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Make-up Review: Laura Mercier Primer

I have no idea how I haven't reviewed this earlier, as I've had it a while now, but better late than never! This product is probably one of my favourites as far as make-up goes, it just never disappoints. I received this sample of Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Radiance from Harvey Nichols after I purchased my Clarisonic, and how glad I am that I got a chance to try it!


The reason I love this primer is the gorgeous dewy, fresh look it gives my skin, and the perfect base to apply my foundation. It basically does exactly what it says, makes your skin look radiant, without leaving an oily layer, and the product just sinks in immediately, you don't have to wait around before applying foundation afterwards.

The full size price is £28, which seems expensive, but I had a 15ml sample (how generous is that?!) and it lasted me at least 2 months. A little goes such a long way because of how light the product is so it really is worth it, it truly is my favourite primer!

Sarah x

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Budget Beauty: George At Asda

So whilst on a late night shop in Asda last week, I walked past the cosmetics aisle and noticed the huge range of George make-up on offer. I've never even realised they did their own make-up range but I had to buy a few things just to see whether they were any good or not!

george 1

One thing that is amazing for the polishes is the price; they were £1 each! I also love the small size (I don't know if anyone else agrees but I rarely get through a full bottle before the varnish goes lumpy and sticky) For the price I wasn't expecting much, but with two coats of colour and a top coat, these polishes do have a pretty good staying power; lasted 3 days with no chipping which for me is really good!

george 3
Moustirising Lip Balm

The range of lipsticks, hmmm, not so good. At first when I applied this to the lips, the colour was really pretty and it is really moisturising. However, after 5 minutes or so the 'glitter' bits seem to clump together and looks awful. For £3 I would rather give these a miss!

george 2
Glow Shine Highlighter

This was the product I was most keen to try as I've not seen many budget highlighters around, and this seems to be a copycat version of the Benefit High Beam. The brush is veeeeeery cheap and all the product seems to build up on it and look lumpy. However, once applied and dabbed gently onto the cheekbones I was pleasantly surprised by it. For a subtle highlight at a budget price of £3.50 I think this is really worth a go if you're looking for a cheaper version of the Benefit highlighter.

Has anyone else tried the George make-up range? What did you think to it?

Sarah x

NOTD: Filthy Gorgeous London Decadence

After getting my nails painted at Bloggers Boutique by brand Filthy Gorgeous London I decided I had to buy the nail polish used and I love it! But first, I'll introduce the brand because I'd never heard of them before the event.

Filthy Gorgeous London is a bit of a beauty mecca, if you're in London you can stop by their boutique in Debenhams on Oxford Street to get you glammed to the nines for a night out, they can do your nails, hair, brows, make up, lashes and airbrush a tattoo.

If you can't get to London then you can always buy one of their ever expanding range of nail polishes that come in a massive array of different colours and amazing effects, Prism, 3D Crystal and Magnetic. All are toluene and DHP free you know you're getting a good quality nail polish that won't run any risk of side effects (although just a quick google search of these showed that many comestic companies are cutting these out due to their adverse reactions in our bodies, headaches and altering hormones anyone?)

Now we've got to grips with the brand here are my amazing Magpie-effect enducing nails!


This one is called Decadence. It's so easy to apply, this is one and a bit coats! I've found the easiest way to get an even coverage without just constantly moving the glitter around is to dab it on then go over any spots you've missed once it's dry. That is it! If you don't want full coverage, just put less on the brush and move it around more, simple!

It lasts for ages as well, the first time I had this on my nails it coped with moving house (plenty of removing pins from walls that could've chipped it at any moment). Second time around I've had it on a full week and its just starting to chip on my most-used nails, but you can easily dab a bit more on and no one would be any the wiser.


I would recommend these, so go check them out. With prices for services starting at £10 and nail polishes starting at £9 they aren't the most affordable, but the quality soon balances that back out. Although I bought mine through the Debenhams website because they had free delivery.

Annie x

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Real Techniques Starter Set

This kit by Real Techniques is designed to be used on the eyes, with 5 brushes that cover all the eye design basics. I like that these brushes have basic, self-explanatory names that are actually printed onto the brushes, so you know what each brush is designed for and don't just have to guess!


So in the Starter Set there is;
Base Shadow Brush - This is used to apply eyeshadow over the whole eyelid.
Deluxe Crease Brush - Designed for applying eyeshadow to the crease of your eye, which you do when you want to create some contour.
Accent Brush - This brush is small enough to be used for detailing and is described by Real Techniques as being suitable for spotlighting, highlighting, and smudging.
Pixel-point Eyeliner Brush - Although this says its an eyeliner brush, I don't think its firm enough to be able to precisely apply eyeliner, it could be used for applying highlighter inside the corner of your eye though.
Brow Brush - Despite this brush having the right shape, I think this is too thick to use as an brow brush, but it could be used for a thicker application of eyeshaow as an eyeliner.

I've had this for a few weeks now and to be honest, I only use three of these brushes (all but the last two listed) but for £21.99 it is still very good value for three good make up brushes, let alone five.

Annie x