Tuesday, 26 June 2012

NOTD: Essie Not Just a Pretty Face

We've only done one nail post on here, thought I'd show you my first Essie nail polish. I know, very slow at jumping on the bandwagon!


This one is called 'Not Just A Pretty Face' and I really like it, it's the perfect pink/nude shade. I've been wearing it pretty much constantly since I bought it.

I love the Essie stand in Boots, honestly so hard to pick a colour, I swear the store detectives must've thought I was planning to rob the place, the amount of time I took!

I was suprised at how chip resistant this polish was, it was about 2 days before it chipped at all, I wasn't wearing any top coat either! If for some crazy reason you don't already own any Essie, go now and get some!

Annie x

Saturday, 23 June 2012

No 7 Wheatsheaf Eyeshadow

Only a little one for ya! When I was in Boots having a bit of a splurge (I'll show you what I got when I've had chance to use it more) I got given a £5 off No7 voucher, love those little guys. So after skulking around the No 7 stand I got myself a new eyeshadow. Which cost a mere £3 thanks to the voucher.


I went for the shade Wheatsheaf from the Stay Perfect range, a gorgeous shade thats gives a subtle prettyness suitible to stand alone in the day or evening. Or as a base colour for a smokey eye.


It seems to have a creamy base but acts like a powder, so it's easy to blend. As per usual, it only has sticking power on my eyes with a primer (I use MUA Eye Primer)

I'm not sure I would've bought this if it wasn't for the £5 off voucher, £8 for 2 grams of product seems a bit steep.

That said, there are 10 shades available in the No 7 Stay Perfect range, so you'll probably find you like at least one of them.

Annie x

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Scar Treatment: Aloe Vera Gel


So, as you all probably know, the battle to help my acne scars has been an ongoing thing for what seems like forever now, and in another bid to help reduce them or even better get rid of them is this Aloe Vera Gel. This one was £5.99 from Holland and Barret and that's for a 200ml bottle which will last you forever!

The reason I decided to give this a try was from researching everywhere for more natural products that help skin recover, because the amount of expensive products and frankly CRAP I've been putting on my skin just seems to have confused it even more and brings me out in more spots! Aloe Vera is known for its cleansing, soothing and recovering properties for skin, and is used in most after-sun creams, so I knew it wouldn't react badly with my skin.

The gel itself absorbs really quickly and a little goes a long way as the gel seems to melt across my face. The only thing that is pretty strange is that once it dries on your face, it leaves a very dry layer across your skin, which I didn't like at first as I thought it would dry my skin out and make it flaky. But putting it on before bed and leaving it overnight, you wake up with super soft skin with no residue left, I really like it! Also, I love putting it on after using my clarisonic, as it takes the redness out of my skin after a deep cleanse.

I really have noticed an improvment in my skin so much more than the expensive products like the La Roche Posay moisturiser I'd been using, so it just goes to show you don't have to spend much to get good results. I've even just started to use this as a night time moisturiser instead of any other creams as it gives me soft skin without being oily. And as for the scars, it's taken at least a month but this has given my scars chance to fade without getting new spots over the top, which is amazing!

It's definately worth a try if you have irritated skin or acne like me!

Sarah x

Saturday, 16 June 2012

More MUA Cosmetics...

I've posted about my love for highstreet brand MUA twice now (here and here) and here's an update of some more stuff from them I've picked up.

Most recently the gorgeous new Undressed Palette, which is dubed a bit of a NAKED dupe. I'm going to try and re-create some looks that Karla has posted.


Another palette I've bought (well received for free when I ordered from the site) is the Glamour Days palette.


Three lipsticks, although (the third had disappeared when I photographed them) in the shades, 4 (not photographed), 12 and 15.
I've found that shade 4 and 15 aren't very pigmented, I wore shade 4 on a night out and it just tinted my lips rather than made them the colour of the lipstick and it disappeared very quickly and created that naaasty line you can get sometimes from lip balm. Ew. Whereas 12 is more pigmented, but still wears easily. But something all these lipsticks seem to do is make my lips look dry, even though my lips aren't actually dry.

L-R Shade 12, Shade 15 (Juicy)

And last but not least a glitter eyeliner pencil. I went for the shade Gold Nugget (surprise, surprise!)


It's got a nice golden, copper tone to it, which is a shade I haven't really worn before. Hopefully it won't make me look like I'm on drugs or anything!

There you have it! I strongly suggest you all buy their eyeshadows, such great quality for a tiny price.

Annie x

Monday, 11 June 2012

Benefit Sun Beam Review


When I saw this little treat in my Blogger's Boutique prize bag I was really looking forward to trying it, since I love having a dewy, glowy look and having only previously tried Sleek's highliter I was excited to trying a non-powder formulation.



Described by Benefit as 'liquid sunshine in a bottle', it really does deliver! Just a few dots blended in gives me face such a lovely glow! The rubbed in swatch is still quite heavy, I was slightly worried about when I opened the bottle it'd be too dark but it easily blends into my pale face (NW15). You really only need a tiny amount as well (don't want to be over highlighted!)


It's got some great lasting power also, I had it on my face when mum and I took the dog for his six mile walk, with plenty of hills, and although I got sweaty my cheekbone was just as highlighted as when I left! So fear not, if you want to wear this on a night out, it'll stay put!

A 13ml bottle will set you back £18.50, so it's not the cheapest of highlighters but it certainly does a damn good job!

Annie x

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Body Shop Moisturisers

Another day, another moisturiser. In my haul video I mentioned I'd bought Body Shop Aloe Vera. I actually only decided to pick it up because when I was in store there was 3 for 2 and Sarah mentioned Aloe Vera is good for getting rid of scars. But after about a week of using it I decided to stop, this is just too rich for my face to be able to use it in the daytime, so I now I'll use it at night.


Soo after that I thought I'd stop by Body Shop again to look for a new moisturiser, clocked the Seaweed Mattifying Moisturiser, perfect I thought! Moisturise and stop me from being so shiny? Why not!


This has a sort of like that Garnier Pure 3 in 1 face wash smell to it, which I don't really like. When I put it on it does make my skin less shiny than other moisturisers but it didn't help my face stay matt throughout the day, which is what I expected this to do. On hindsight, I'm not sure why I thought their moisturiser would be mattifying if their primer wasn't.

I'm a little disappointed,I had hoped for a longer lasting effect, but until I find another then I'll carry on using it. Although it has SPF 15 so that's a plus!

If anyone knows a good day time moisturiser that helps reduce shine, then please let me know!

Annie x

Thursday, 7 June 2012

L'Oreal Color Infallible - Goldmine

I'm a bit of a sucker for gold eyeshadows, so having heard some good things about L'Oreal Infallible range, I bought one, in shade Goldmine, when I was in Boots the other day. Does anyone else find it annoying when brands don't bother to change names of products to UK English spellings? Colour has a u in it! Moving on...


According to L'Oreal these eyeshadows are "At the heart of the revolution: a hybrid powder texture, a luxuriously creamy eye shadow. Intense colour in just a stroke. The formula is both water resistant and smudge resistant and does not run into fine lines around the eyes."

This swatch is just one swipe, as you can see it's very pigmented and gives such a gorgeous colour.

I tested the longevity by wearing it on both eyes, one with primer, one without. To apply it I just patted it on with my finger. Safe to say it lasted really well on my primed eye,staying put all day and disappeared into the creases on the other after only a few hours. This shade of gold really brings out the blue in my eyes, which I love!

Since it is so pigmented you only need a tiny bit so hopefully this little pot will last for months! According to L'Oreal there are 14 shades in the range but the Boots website lists 18, plenty to choose from. Assuming the others are of the same quality (which Boots reviews suggests) I'd definitely recommend them!

Annie x

Monday, 4 June 2012

My Quest For Longer Locks!

So last summer was a serious overhaul for my hair, I think I was going through some sort of 'early in life' hair crisis, chopped it all off to my chin and had it dyed brown…big mistake! I remember crying as soon as I saw my hair brown for the first time, and it’s taken a LOT of getting used to. At the time I thought it was all a good idea to get my condition back after repeatedly having my hair toned white and pastel purple, and my hair was beginning to look dry, damaged and a little worse for wear.

So, now here I am trying everything possible to help it grow longer, faster and easier because waiting is no fun for my impatient self! The two products I’ve been using recently are Lee Stafford hair growth Treatment and Aussie Luscious Long Leave-in Conditioner.




Both smell absolutley amazing, but for people who don’t like heavily perfumed products I’d not recommend the Lee Stafford; some of you probably know his products have a very distinctive smell, but I love it!
The hair mask surprised me because I thought as soon as I rinsed it, like with most masks, it would feel super soft, but that wasn’t the case. However, once my hair was dry I did notice it felt healthier, in particular, my scalp!
With the leave in conditioner, I've started using it religiously because I love it so much. The fact you leave the product in is a bonus as the smell stays in your hair much longer, and I find it stops frizz and just makes it feel so smooth and shiny! I do use a conditioner in the shower also to rinse, as my hair is so dry I still feel like I need it when I shower.

The retail price for the Aussie Conditioner is £4.99 at Boots , and the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment is £7.99, also at Boots.

Have they helped my quest for long hair? Well, I can’t really say they’ve revolutionised my life but the main way to get long hair is to have great condition and a healthy scalp, which these certainly do for me. Soooo, it’s worth a try to keep on going!

Sarah x

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Bloggers Boutique Part II

Wanna hear what we got up to at Bloggers Boutique? Check out Sarah's post here

The goody bags from Blogger's Boutique were insaaane. Sarah and I haven't attended an event before so have no idea if this was a normal sized goody bag but, wow. When we got given them we were nearly anchored to the ground!

Check out the garden shots, so very summery

Look at all that stuff! Sarah's varied ever so slightly from mine, but generally they're the same. Lauren's Way, HD Brows, Eye Candy, Witch, E.L.F, Crown Brushes, Filthy Gorgeous nail polish, My Face Cosmetics, Sue Moxeley...and more!! And hello, new face primer, could this be what I've been looking for?!

Also I won a prize in the raffle, cue me awkwardly walking up to collect it.


I've never actually bought any Benefit make up and now I have lots! Really excited to give it all a try and will let you know how I get on :) Also that eyebrow book is perfect timing as I have recently started taking a real interest in my brows and it's interesting to see how different brows shapes can affect your face, but that's for another post!

Thanks again girls!

Annie x

Friday, 1 June 2012

Bloggers Boutique

So last Saturday was a very busy day for Annie and I as we were lucky enough to attend the Bloggers Boutique event at The Drift Bar in London. Lucky is a complete understatement as we were travelling on the day, and nearly didn't make it after being stuck in a 2 hour traffic jam on the motorway!! But thankfully we made it, even if it was a little late, and really enjoyed the day!

The event, organised by 3 lovely girls Shore, Shope and Amy, brought together talks and tutorials from various brands; the ones we were able to see being Filthy Gorgeous, Motel Rocks and a talk from Sue Moxley, creator of FAMOUS cosmetics, but we were also able to walk around and check out the products and try some out ourselves. We were also lucky enough to get our nails done by the Filthy Gorgeous team, which by the way have an amazing set of polishes and we LOVED our nails, the colours are beautiful! I also tried out the Lauren's Way Glam Tan on my arms and was really impressed by it, the colour was great and I'd definitely give it a go again.

Shope, Amy and Shore

Filthy Gorgeous Polish

Lauren's Way Products

Drift Bar

It was such a good day and a chance to meet and chat with other bloggers, we were also given a huge goody bag at the end which was full of amazing things (read about them here) so a big thanks to the girls for organising the event, and we both can't wait for the next one!

Also thanks to the girls for letting us use some photos taken on the day :)

Sarah x