Friday, 17 August 2012

YSL Shocking Mascara


Considering how long I've had this mascara I'm surprised I haven't posted about it yet! I bought it through BuyaPowa a few months ago and after an initial love affair, I stopped using it as much just because I felt like I was over using it so couldn't see what it was doing anymore, if you get what I mean?

It's got loads of little bristles so really coats the lashes well without clumping them together. Giving you loads volume and making it look like you have a million lashes!

It isn't perfect though, it does flake a bit during the day, which is a shame since this is the first high end brand mascara I've tried and it hasn't inspired confidence for me trying any others.

Considering at full price it costs £23 I won't be buying it again when it runs out, but I'll absolutely love it while it lasts


He comprado este mascara de hace unos meses de la pagina de web de precio rebajado, Buyapowa (desafortunadamente reparte solo en el Reino Unido). Al principio era un affaire, pero he usado excesivo, así paré. Tiene muchos de cerdas, que capa todos pestañas sin se agrupan. Se dando millones de pestañas! Aunque no es perfecto, durante el día, va a pelarse. Que lastima! Es el primer mascara de alta categoría y no lo he inspirado para probar más. Me encanta mis pestañas cuando lo uso pero el precio es demasiado alto.

Annie x

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  1. i totally swear by my clinique lash lengthening mascara, but if - heaven forfend - it should ever run out i'll definitely have to look at this! great post! :)