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How To Retain Youthful Skin/ Part 3: Sugar

We've covered the sun and what you should be eating so far in this youthful skin series, but this post is all about what you shouldn't be eating.

A beautiful visualisation of sugar. From Google.


The worst dietary offender for aging you is apparently sugar. Yes, not only does it have no nutritional value so making you put on weight, but it can also make you look older too. Although it makes things taste divine. The Bastard.

How does it age you?
Sugar attaches itself to the collagen in our skin, making the collagen more brittle, therefore more likely to break. It also makes it harder for the skin to repair itself.
The aging effects of sugar have been studied in the following way. Participants were asked to guess the age of a group from about 600 faces, these were standardised images and showed no hair or anything off the face that could help them guess the age that wasn't the skin. Each group was made up of faces of a similar age and skin type also. As well as having been tested to discover their blood glucose level. Here are the results.

The results speak for themselves, the higher your blood glucose level you have, the older people perceive you to be. Also if you have a low blood glucose level then people can assume you're 10 years younger than you actually are! Diabetics are included because they've been exposed to a high blood glucose level for much longer, as you can see they have the highest perceived age.

How can you prevent it?
I'll get the solution in a minute, but first let me explain how it works.
Studies in glycobiology, the study of complex sugars on our tissues, look at glycans which are vital for helping all our cells communicate with each other.

This shows how the two different layers of skin (epidermis and dermis)are connected through glycans. But as we get older the gylcans start to dwindle and messages about creating collagen don't get sent. Which means the collagen begins to deflate.

Some deflating collagen for ya.

L'Oreal (who completed the above study) claim that they've created a cream which will increase the number of glycans, therefore restoring collagen levels and eliminating sagging and wrinkles. Although skeptical that a cream can penetrate deep enough to have any results. L'Oreal's own studies have these results to brag.


This shows results after only one months usage. Bettering results than that by microdermabrasion. So another product to keep your eye out for, although L'Oreal still need to publish their results first, so could be a while yet.

Wowww, after three mahoosive posts, I've finally explained everything that was on the programme. Hopefully you found it interesting and it isn't too chock-a-block full of confusing science.
Something to remember is that none of these new progressions are claiming to eliminate wrinkles completely but simply make them appear later in life, in a shallower and shorter way. Until then just eat right, wear SPF and don't worry about wrinkles!

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  1. I'd rather look old and shrinky than to reduce eating sugar lol...i am a sweet addict...i will jsut buy the Loreal cream and i hope i will be fine ;)
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