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How To Retain Youthful Skin/ Part 2: Diet

Over in Part 1 I talked about the lovely aging effects of the sun and today's turn is diet. But before then I'm going to explain exactly what it is our diet can help combat.


So it turns out even breathing ages you. We can't catch a break. 1% of the oxygen we breath in goes into breaking down the fiberblasts in our dermis. Fiberblast is responsible for producing collagen (the substance which plumps out our skin), so over time oxygen breaks the connection between fiberglass and collagen. These picture shows the web of connection between the two in a young person in the first image and in an old person in the second.


They didn't show a zoomed out image of the older persons dermis but you can tell it's not as intricate and tightly wound as it is in young people.

So how does diet come into this?
Scientists that specialise in something called oxidative stress (which I think they're trying to say is what I've mentioned above) believe they hold the answer to recharging our fiberblasts. There are four diets rules mentioned that they think can help keep you looking young.
1/ Look for bright colours - The best is apparently the tomato. Tomato contains lots of lycopene, which not only gives the tomato its colour but it also absorbs reactive oxygen species and preventing oxidative stress.
2/ Look for bitter tasting fruit and veg - The example given was broccoli, this contains glucosinolates. This stuff helps the skin cells defend themselves, therefore protecting from aging. Other foods include radishes, brussels, sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower. All my faves. (Saracasm)
3/Lots of oily fish - Ah yes, I've already spoken in detail about the benefits of oily fish, well omega 3, here so won't bore you again. But basically its the anti-inflammatory aspect of Omega 3 that dulls down the effects of oxidative stress.
4/Avoid starchy foods That's rice, potatoes and pasta gone from your life.

Thankfully (ish) they do go on to say that it's nearly impossible to consume the amount of vegetables and fruit needed for it to have any dazzling effects.

The Future
Those pesky scientists are at it again, this time developing a pill which holds all the benefits of these diet rules. Not only do they claim that this pill can reduce the speed of aging, but it also harnesses the power to reverse it. It was initially tested in labs on dormant fiberblast cells which became to product collagen again once the pills ingredients were introduced. Later 480 women from all over Europe were given the pill to take for 14 weeks. Below is a before and after of one participants eye.

As you can see the wrinkles are more shallow and shorter, after taking the pill for 14 weeks.

Unilever, the company responsible for the research and product development, are going to publish their results for the scientific world to test themselves. I presume that if other people's studies results match their own then they'll consider the selling this pill.

Until this magically pill is released to the general public, try and stick to those dieting rules and not only will your skin thank you, your body will too!That's diet covered, for now, the third part will cover the tasty delight and pure evilness that is sugar. Don't forget if you want to see this whole programme for yourself the link is here.

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