Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Fish Oil Capsules

After briefly introducing Fish Oil capsules in my skin care routine post I thought I'd tell you about them in more detail. This post will be more tailed towards the fish oil capsules I take and doesn't account for differences between brands and strength.

Fish Oil Capsules

What are they?
Fish Oil is a source of Omega 3, a fatty acid found in oily fish such as, Salmon, Trout, Herring and Mackerel. Omega 3 is essential for maintaining a healthy body and healthy since our bodies aren't capable of producing themselves. So if you're not a big fish eater it might be worth considering taking fish oil.

How do you take them?
Mine are taken 3x a day with food, so one at breakfast, one at lunch and so on. Definitely preferably to take them with food, so to avoid the foul fishy burp you can get. If you work and want to take them, then you can do what I do and keep a few in my bag, so if I'm out at lunch time I can still take one.

What's in them?
These capsules contain Omega 3 (obviously) and a bit of Vitamin E. Omega 3 is the general name of (two) fatty acids EPA and DHA. I had no idea what EPA and DHA were either, so here's a little round up. EPA is a fatty acid that can be used to treat heart disease, schizophrenia, diabetes, depression and many more things. DHA can be used as trreatment for dementia and ADHD (amongst loads of other things).Combined these two fatty acids have been attributed with aiding and even reversing the affects of heart disease, treating hayfever, migraines, psoriasis, arthritis (again many other things they can treat).

What effects has it had on my skin?
I've been taking them for well over a month now and initially my skin was a lot clearer, although my skin seems to be fighting back to the moment. I'll persevere though. The biggest and most consistent difference for me though has been under my eyes. My nasty dark circles which I've had as long as I can remember (get them from my Dad) have reduced so so much! Not completely gone, but the darkness has reduced a significant amount.

So even though they haven't been 100% amazing all the time, my body is still benefiting from taking them and hopefully my skin will pick up along time.

Annie x


  1. I've been taking supplements for a while too now, I take fish oil and B vitamins daily, I have noticed that my skin has been pretty bad for atleast two weeks now - hope it's just a purging stage and getting rid of toxins more than usual!

    1. I hope so too! But I probably need to eat better then I'll only have hormones to blame xx