Sunday, 5 August 2012

Budget Beauty Blender

Just want to start this with a quick thanks to VIPXO for making this post possible! You've probably heard of the original Beauty Blender but for £16 I can't say I was desperate to get one, so when Victoria posted about her Ebay beauty blender I thought I could sacrifice £1.98 to try it.

The shape isn't exactly the same but I think this design makes it easy to hold. I use the big end for applying foundation, and the pointed end for blending under the eyes or contouring. I have to agree with Victoria it does give a slight dewy finish. It's easy to clean as well, since it doesn't really absorb much product at all.

It's a brilliant bargain, so if you can wait the three odd weeks delivery takes then give it a go.


Quiero intentar a traducir mis posts a Español porque necesito practicarlo! Espero que pueda leerlas. No dude en contactarme sobre problemas con mi uso de lengua.

Gracias a VIPXO por su entrada sobre este producto, sus hallazgos de Ebay son incredibles.

Suponga que sabes sobre la original Beauty Blender pero con el precio de 19.84€ no era entusiasta para probar. Cuando Victoria escribí su entrada sobre una versión muy barato de EBay decidí a inténtalo.

La forma no es el mismo, pero prefiero este forma porque me parece que es más fácil para tener. Uso el parte grande por mi base de maquillaje y el parte en punta por corrector o contorno. Da un resulte de roció (no pude traducir este frase, pues no sé si es correcto). Es fácil para limpiar porque no absorbe mucho de los productos. Si no te molesta para esperar sobre tres semanas, compralo.

Annie x


  1. I saw this thingy so many times and i just didn't know if it would work well - i am a finger applying foundation user :) time i see it i will just get it and try it :)
    Hey from the bloghop
    The Amazing World Of J

    1. It does work! Soo cheap as well. Not using my fingers for foundation was like a life revolution haha. xx

  2. Hi! I found your blog through BBU Blog Hop and would love a follow back! :)

  3. Hi, I found your blog through the BBU Blog Hop :) xx