Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Benefit Coralista Blusher


Say hello to my favourite blusher, Benefit's Coralista giving me pink but highlighted cheeks all in on one sweep of the brush!

I've got to say I'm not a blusher girl I've had one sitting in my draw for years and that's it. Why would I want to add redness to my face I wondered?! (So when I say favourite I mean first one I've actually liked.) Enter Coralista, the shade looks great whether I'm pale or boasting a tan, so I'll definitely be taking it with me to Spain

I really like the brush too, as you can see, since it's a line I can easily drag it up along my cheekbones and use the end to sort of buff a bit on the apple area (but not all over the apples, as advised by Wayne)

Something I find a little weird though, is that it has scent, although I've not smelt it when I'm wearing the blusher, but this might make it unsuitable for some sensitive skin types

It's £23.50 for one box, which will probably last ages, I've had mine for months and you can barely see I've used it.


Diga hola a mi colorete favorito, Coralista por Benefit, una rosa linda con un poco iluminador. Normalmente no estoy un aficionado de colorete, porque quiero una cara roja?! Pero cuando intentó Coralista, fue amor! Complementa el piel blanco o piel moreno, así voy a tomarlo a España conmigo. También me gusta la brocha, la forma significa que puede aplicar fácilmente a mis pómulos (pero no las manzanas de las mejillas, según de Wayne). Un aspecto sorprente es que este colorete tiene una aroma que pienso es un poco raro, porque un colorete necesita un olor? Pero lo me gusta mucho!

Annie x


  1. I really want to try out benefits blushes!
    The packaging is so cute!
    - andrealamode
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  3. Never really wear blusher but i have to say id buy this for the box alone!!! lol
    Found you via the BBU blog hop....followed ;)