Friday, 3 August 2012

Benefit Cabana Glama Palette


Easily my favourite thing from my Benefit raffle win (Yes, still reviewing things from Bloggers Boutique)is their Cabana Palette. I love the eyeshadows, the bronzer, the little pot of some kind of gorgeous foundation. And I like the packaging, nicely designed box with a handy mirror! It's a one-stop kind of palette.

A full breakdown of what (and how much) is included, it has Some Kind-A Gorgeous in medium (3.5g), Hoola (4.0g), Posie Tint (2.5ml) and an Eyeshadow Palette (3.5g), which contains, Peach Fizz, Bronze Fizz and Cocoa Pizzazz.

This whole palette works wonderfully together, which it should and gives a gorgeous summery look. There's directions in the sleeve which show you how and where to apply it so it can't go wrong! Although it does say to apply the foundation with the sponge provided, small problem of no sponge being provided...but I probably wouldn't use it anyway.

I'm so glad I had the chance to try this palette out as I doubt I would've considered it otherwise, it's also started a love affair with Hoola bronzer which I need to pick up the full size version of.

At £28.50 it isn't particularly cheap (when is Benefit ever) although you can't buy the eyeshadows as lone products so if the colours appeal to you then might be worth a shot.

Annie x


  1. I love this palette, used mine a lot this summer:)

    Sara xx

    1. I only wish I could pop the bronzer out and take it with me! xx

  2. I actually really like the look of this little palette. Its got a nice mix and I think would be nice to take on holiday! I found you via the bbu blog hop, so glad i did! Great blog :)

    1. I know, has everything you'd need! Aww thanks xx