Friday, 13 July 2012

Some Exciting News..!

If for some looney reason you don't follow Sarah and I on Twitter (go on, do it Sarah's twitter, my twitter) you won't have seen us post about where we're being shipped to in Spain.

I'm off to Seville and Sarah is heading to Jerez de la Frontera!!

Very exciting, hot weather and barely any rain...could it get any better?! Oh yeah, we'll both have a local Sephora store too (Although I have to say I am jealous that Sarah will be living so close to the coast). Here are some pictures of our respective cities, c/o of Google and one or two of my own.



You're probably wondering why we're moving over 1000 miles though? We're going to be working as English Language Assistants in schools in Spain, this is a scheme ran by the British Council which sends us brits all over the world to work as language assistants in schools of all ages.

We're jetting off around mid/late September so after then up until we're all set up expect us to be very quiet on here and twitter!

All very exciting! I've been waiting for the opportunity since I was doing my GCSE Spanish, can't believe I'm actually going! Just got to work out what to take that'll fit in my 20k luggage allowance....err, help?

Annie x


  1. Congrats! My friend is in Mallorca doing the same, already for second year! Btw I only had 15kg allowance for my first year in the UK, so you'll be okay.. and you goin to a hot country!! xx

    1. Thank you! 15kg seems impossible to deal with, but if you coped I'm sure an extra 5kg will be easy (hopefully) xx