Wednesday, 4 July 2012

NOTD: Filthy Gorgeous London Decadence

After getting my nails painted at Bloggers Boutique by brand Filthy Gorgeous London I decided I had to buy the nail polish used and I love it! But first, I'll introduce the brand because I'd never heard of them before the event.

Filthy Gorgeous London is a bit of a beauty mecca, if you're in London you can stop by their boutique in Debenhams on Oxford Street to get you glammed to the nines for a night out, they can do your nails, hair, brows, make up, lashes and airbrush a tattoo.

If you can't get to London then you can always buy one of their ever expanding range of nail polishes that come in a massive array of different colours and amazing effects, Prism, 3D Crystal and Magnetic. All are toluene and DHP free you know you're getting a good quality nail polish that won't run any risk of side effects (although just a quick google search of these showed that many comestic companies are cutting these out due to their adverse reactions in our bodies, headaches and altering hormones anyone?)

Now we've got to grips with the brand here are my amazing Magpie-effect enducing nails!


This one is called Decadence. It's so easy to apply, this is one and a bit coats! I've found the easiest way to get an even coverage without just constantly moving the glitter around is to dab it on then go over any spots you've missed once it's dry. That is it! If you don't want full coverage, just put less on the brush and move it around more, simple!

It lasts for ages as well, the first time I had this on my nails it coped with moving house (plenty of removing pins from walls that could've chipped it at any moment). Second time around I've had it on a full week and its just starting to chip on my most-used nails, but you can easily dab a bit more on and no one would be any the wiser.


I would recommend these, so go check them out. With prices for services starting at £10 and nail polishes starting at £9 they aren't the most affordable, but the quality soon balances that back out. Although I bought mine through the Debenhams website because they had free delivery.

Annie x


  1. The nail polish is just fab! Another great post!

    Rebecca xx

    1. It's amazing and thank you so much! x