Sunday, 8 July 2012

Manhattan Pure Gold Organic Argan Oil


Say hello my hair saviour, Manhattan Pure Organic Gold Argan Oil! I'd always wanted to try Morrocan Oil but didn't fancy coughing up to find it didn't suit my hair, so when it was used my hair when I last got it cut I fell in love. Since Argan Oil is the main ingredient in Morrocan Oil I looked of alternatives then I snagged this, two 50ml bottles of pure Argan Oil, for the wonderful price of £23 from BuyaPowa. Following a dead fly incident (which isn't Buyapowa's fault since they don't produce the product) they quickly sent me a whole fresh batch of two 50mls bottles. So now I have three bottles!


I separate my hair down the middle, so it's split into two equal halves, squirt (well tip then use the pump) two 5p sized blobs, rub my hand together then use one hand for each side of my hair. Use my fingers to make sure it's really combed through and job done!
I either blow dry or leave my hair to dry naturally but the results are the same. My hair is super soft, sleek and frizz free but not weighed down at all!

Pure Argan Oil is safe to use on your face but I haven't tried it yet since my current skincare routine seems to be doing wonders for my face. When my sample of face oil runs out I'll give it a whizz and let you know.

If Morrocan Oil seems a bit too steep try and find a responsibly produced bottle of Argan oil (not sure if mine is, as I didn't know anything about the production of argan oil beforehand). I'm loving Argan oil at the moment so in about 5 years when I've used all this up I'll probably want to get some more.

Annie x


  1. this sounds fab. very expensive though! I buy my Argan Oil from Superdrug for £10 for a decent sized pump bottle :D Also I'd love to see a post on your skincare routine :D

    1. I know, it's not too cheap but I got it 50% off and since its pure I think I can trust it's quality.

      Thanks! Going to write it in about two weeks, then I've used the same routine for 6 weeks and will know if it really works! x