Thursday, 5 July 2012

Make-up Review: Laura Mercier Primer

I have no idea how I haven't reviewed this earlier, as I've had it a while now, but better late than never! This product is probably one of my favourites as far as make-up goes, it just never disappoints. I received this sample of Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Radiance from Harvey Nichols after I purchased my Clarisonic, and how glad I am that I got a chance to try it!


The reason I love this primer is the gorgeous dewy, fresh look it gives my skin, and the perfect base to apply my foundation. It basically does exactly what it says, makes your skin look radiant, without leaving an oily layer, and the product just sinks in immediately, you don't have to wait around before applying foundation afterwards.

The full size price is £28, which seems expensive, but I had a 15ml sample (how generous is that?!) and it lasted me at least 2 months. A little goes such a long way because of how light the product is so it really is worth it, it truly is my favourite primer!

Sarah x


  1. I may just have left you a comment that doesn't make sense at all, as it was for another blog and my computer screen messed up haha, so I apologise if that was the case!

    Love the look of this primer, I am in need of one at the moment! xo

    1. Oh it's ok! You should definately give it a try, I love it! xx