Thursday, 19 July 2012

Favourite Nail Polish: Barry M

Barry M

Just a quick post today on my favourite Nail Polish! Summer seems to be already coming to an end (not really sure if it ever started?!) and seen as I can't express that sunny feeling through my clothes I have been constantly swapping and changing my nail colour with various bright and sunny colours. Because I change my nail colour so much, I tend not to look for expensive polishes as I think you can get some really great budget ones that are of the same quality, which brings me to my favourite - Barry M Nail Paint.

For £2.99 each you can't go wrong with the price and I even prefer them to some of my Nails Inc polishes when it comes to lasting power. For how cheap they are, the colours really are highly pigmented and you can buy a few at once and create a bit of nail art if you fancy, which is what I did HERE.

What are your favourite polish brands? Sarah x


  1. Love Barry M; so cheap and yet so good! Great post.

    Rebecca xx

    1. Thankyouuu :) and yeah it's the best of both worlds!

      Sarah x