Sunday, 22 July 2012

Current Skin Care Routine


So here is what I've been using on my face recently!

I start the day with a cleanse using Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and a flannel. As recommended by skin goddess, Caroline Hirons, well just the flannel part is. I've found my skin feels a lot softer than using a muslin cloth and it's just all over better!

Then I tone using Botanics Rose Water Toning Spray, it smells great and let's me think I'm using Caudalie. Rose water apparently stimulates blood flow in the tiny vessel under the skin. It's [rose water] also a favourite of Candice Swanepoel, who has flawless skin.

At this point I'll apply Body Shop Seaweed Moisturiser to my face and neck.

In the evening,I double cleanse (because I used moisturiser with SPF) and tone the same except for using eye make up remover first. Then I've been using Betty Hula The Secret Oil swiped over my face with a cotton pad. According to Betty Hula this can "help repair damaged and tired cells, combat dryness and reduce wrinkles to reveal your most radiant, youthful self" not too shabby! If I've got any big nasty spots then I'll use a tiny dab of Tea Tree Oil on it.

One last thing to mention, Fish Oil capsules! After reading of Caroline's blog she tells everyone to take Fish Oil, as not only do they have those all over body benefits from the Omega 3 but apparently they're great for reducing aging (not really a worry yet, but prevention is better than cure) and they just improve your skin all over. I'm a convert. Just take three a day; it really is advisable that you take them with food, otherwise you can get one or two fishy burps afterwards (very gross).

That is it! As long as I actually stick to this day in, day out (I get quite lazy about it sometimes) then my skin is good! Not perfect, but I'm not sure what else I can do. I don't like to over load my face and hate my skin care taking too long, more likely to get lazy about it! I think I'll wait to see how the Spanish sun affects my skin before I make any changes. I'll do proper posts about fish oil and the other bits mentioned I haven't yet posted about soon, so stay tuned.

Annie x

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