Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Budget Beauty: George At Asda

So whilst on a late night shop in Asda last week, I walked past the cosmetics aisle and noticed the huge range of George make-up on offer. I've never even realised they did their own make-up range but I had to buy a few things just to see whether they were any good or not!

george 1

One thing that is amazing for the polishes is the price; they were £1 each! I also love the small size (I don't know if anyone else agrees but I rarely get through a full bottle before the varnish goes lumpy and sticky) For the price I wasn't expecting much, but with two coats of colour and a top coat, these polishes do have a pretty good staying power; lasted 3 days with no chipping which for me is really good!

george 3
Moustirising Lip Balm

The range of lipsticks, hmmm, not so good. At first when I applied this to the lips, the colour was really pretty and it is really moisturising. However, after 5 minutes or so the 'glitter' bits seem to clump together and looks awful. For £3 I would rather give these a miss!

george 2
Glow Shine Highlighter

This was the product I was most keen to try as I've not seen many budget highlighters around, and this seems to be a copycat version of the Benefit High Beam. The brush is veeeeeery cheap and all the product seems to build up on it and look lumpy. However, once applied and dabbed gently onto the cheekbones I was pleasantly surprised by it. For a subtle highlight at a budget price of £3.50 I think this is really worth a go if you're looking for a cheaper version of the Benefit highlighter.

Has anyone else tried the George make-up range? What did you think to it?

Sarah x


  1. I'll definitely try out the nail varnishes for only a pound! The bottles seem bigger than the MUA ones for the same price, and I'm a sucker for them!


    1. You should for the price, and they have so many colours to choose from!

      Sarah x