Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Body Shop: Make-up Brushes

The Body Shop has to be, in my opinion, a little overlooked when it comes to buying make-up and tools, they just don't seem to get much praise! So I thought I'd let you know how much I love them, in particular their range of make-up brushes.

Blusher Brush(£12),Concealer Brush(£9),Slanted brush(£9)

The Slanted Brush was the first brush I purchased from The Body Shop during a tutorial a few years ago, and it's actually great used as an eyeliner brush or shadow brush. The assistant also used it to create eyeliner with a wet eye shadow which worked really well! It's really sturdy and doesn't budge so you can get a straight line easily.

My second purchase was the Blusher Brush which I absolutely love! As soon as you feel how soft it is you know its amazing quality and after having it for a few years now I can honestly say I haven't lost any hairs from it and has kept it's softness and shape all the while. Also, it stops you from using too much blusher so you only need a little product and it makes your application buildable.

Aaaaand finally the Concealer Brush which is what I use it for but it's also meant to be a lipstick brush, which would be fine as well because of how sturdy and short the brush is. This one just does what it's meant to, nothing special apart from never losing its' shape!

Yes, the price is a little expensive when buying individual brushes, but the quality is great, and knowing the slanted brush and Blusher brush has lasted me over 2 years, you know you're getting the quality you pay for! I think they definitely rival the high end professional make-up brushes out there.

Sarah x


  1. Great post; think I might buy a couple now!

    Rebecca xx

    1. Ah thankyouuu :) Go for it!

      Sarah x

  2. I've been trying to decide where to buy some make-up brushes from for a while, I forgot about the Body Shop :) really nice post.

    I found you on the bbloggers unite bloghop :)