Saturday, 16 June 2012

More MUA Cosmetics...

I've posted about my love for highstreet brand MUA twice now (here and here) and here's an update of some more stuff from them I've picked up.

Most recently the gorgeous new Undressed Palette, which is dubed a bit of a NAKED dupe. I'm going to try and re-create some looks that Karla has posted.


Another palette I've bought (well received for free when I ordered from the site) is the Glamour Days palette.


Three lipsticks, although (the third had disappeared when I photographed them) in the shades, 4 (not photographed), 12 and 15.
I've found that shade 4 and 15 aren't very pigmented, I wore shade 4 on a night out and it just tinted my lips rather than made them the colour of the lipstick and it disappeared very quickly and created that naaasty line you can get sometimes from lip balm. Ew. Whereas 12 is more pigmented, but still wears easily. But something all these lipsticks seem to do is make my lips look dry, even though my lips aren't actually dry.

L-R Shade 12, Shade 15 (Juicy)

And last but not least a glitter eyeliner pencil. I went for the shade Gold Nugget (surprise, surprise!)


It's got a nice golden, copper tone to it, which is a shade I haven't really worn before. Hopefully it won't make me look like I'm on drugs or anything!

There you have it! I strongly suggest you all buy their eyeshadows, such great quality for a tiny price.

Annie x


  1. I want to try some of their lipsticks, would you recommend getting some? The undressed palette looks really nice! x

    1. I'd say it varies with each one I think, but for £1 it's not the end of the world if it's not amazing xx

  2. Ooh this palette looks so nice:) I'm going to try to get my hands on one xx

    1. Definately! The Undressed isn't in Superdrug stores till July but you can pick it up online now :) xx