Friday, 1 June 2012

Bloggers Boutique

So last Saturday was a very busy day for Annie and I as we were lucky enough to attend the Bloggers Boutique event at The Drift Bar in London. Lucky is a complete understatement as we were travelling on the day, and nearly didn't make it after being stuck in a 2 hour traffic jam on the motorway!! But thankfully we made it, even if it was a little late, and really enjoyed the day!

The event, organised by 3 lovely girls Shore, Shope and Amy, brought together talks and tutorials from various brands; the ones we were able to see being Filthy Gorgeous, Motel Rocks and a talk from Sue Moxley, creator of FAMOUS cosmetics, but we were also able to walk around and check out the products and try some out ourselves. We were also lucky enough to get our nails done by the Filthy Gorgeous team, which by the way have an amazing set of polishes and we LOVED our nails, the colours are beautiful! I also tried out the Lauren's Way Glam Tan on my arms and was really impressed by it, the colour was great and I'd definitely give it a go again.

Shope, Amy and Shore

Filthy Gorgeous Polish

Lauren's Way Products

Drift Bar

It was such a good day and a chance to meet and chat with other bloggers, we were also given a huge goody bag at the end which was full of amazing things (read about them here) so a big thanks to the girls for organising the event, and we both can't wait for the next one!

Also thanks to the girls for letting us use some photos taken on the day :)

Sarah x


  1. What an awesome opportunity!! You girls are so lucky!

    Happy to be your newest follower :) Can't wait to catch up on your posts.

    I found you through the #bbloggers tag on Twitter :)

    Hope you get a chance to check out my blog <3

    xo, Jersey Girl

    1. Ah thankyou such a nice comment, and thanks for following! :)
      Yeah we were really lucky to go, and I'll make sure we check out your blog!

      Sarah x