Saturday, 2 June 2012

Bloggers Boutique Part II

Wanna hear what we got up to at Bloggers Boutique? Check out Sarah's post here

The goody bags from Blogger's Boutique were insaaane. Sarah and I haven't attended an event before so have no idea if this was a normal sized goody bag but, wow. When we got given them we were nearly anchored to the ground!

Check out the garden shots, so very summery

Look at all that stuff! Sarah's varied ever so slightly from mine, but generally they're the same. Lauren's Way, HD Brows, Eye Candy, Witch, E.L.F, Crown Brushes, Filthy Gorgeous nail polish, My Face Cosmetics, Sue Moxeley...and more!! And hello, new face primer, could this be what I've been looking for?!

Also I won a prize in the raffle, cue me awkwardly walking up to collect it.


I've never actually bought any Benefit make up and now I have lots! Really excited to give it all a try and will let you know how I get on :) Also that eyebrow book is perfect timing as I have recently started taking a real interest in my brows and it's interesting to see how different brows shapes can affect your face, but that's for another post!

Thanks again girls!

Annie x

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