Monday, 11 June 2012

Benefit Sun Beam Review


When I saw this little treat in my Blogger's Boutique prize bag I was really looking forward to trying it, since I love having a dewy, glowy look and having only previously tried Sleek's highliter I was excited to trying a non-powder formulation.



Described by Benefit as 'liquid sunshine in a bottle', it really does deliver! Just a few dots blended in gives me face such a lovely glow! The rubbed in swatch is still quite heavy, I was slightly worried about when I opened the bottle it'd be too dark but it easily blends into my pale face (NW15). You really only need a tiny amount as well (don't want to be over highlighted!)


It's got some great lasting power also, I had it on my face when mum and I took the dog for his six mile walk, with plenty of hills, and although I got sweaty my cheekbone was just as highlighted as when I left! So fear not, if you want to wear this on a night out, it'll stay put!

A 13ml bottle will set you back £18.50, so it's not the cheapest of highlighters but it certainly does a damn good job!

Annie x


  1. that looks absolutely beautiful! bet it would look amazing on holiday with a tan - very victoria secrets :)

    1. It does! Hadn't thought about that but yep, very Victoria's Secret x