Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Rebecca Charles Salon, Leeds

I should be revising for my oral exam right now, but like any student knows when revision looms, everything becomes five times more interesting!

Although there are some benefits to not revising since it was today's procastination that led to this post. Whilst wondering the shops of Leeds and after a nice Nandos, Sarah and I clocked a hairdressers across the road that looked very swish and pretty which had 50% for students Monday-Thursday, so decided to just go and get a trim.
Btw, our hair did need cutting we weren't just frivously thinking that'll be a good way to pass time. Although it is that as well.

Since this was a spur of the moment decision we don't have any of our own picture to show you, but the Rebecca Charles Facebook page did.



Check out the chandelier!

I (Annie) had my hair cut by a level one hairdresser and Sarah had her's cut by a level two. We're both so happy with our cuts and the feel and the shine. Oh just the whole experience!

Prices: Although we went on a student discount day, the normal prices are still very reasonable for city centre hairdresser. For a level one hairdresser prices started at £22 (I think, the website is being updated so prices aren't available) and go all the way up to £61 for Creative Director.
Quality: Talked through what we wanted before anything started and as we said we love our cuts, got exactly what we wanted! Also the hairwashing was great, normally when they're washing your hair your neck is stuck in an uncomfortable position, but their sinks had padding and the angle and whatnot made it comfortable, such a rarity!
Products used: After our hair was washed using Wella SP products, they also used Morrocan Oil before cutting and drying, then some more Wella Sp heat protectant and serum. Despite what sounds like quite a lot, our hair isn't feeling weighed down or clogging with products, just soft and sleek!
Location: The salon is in such a handy location, just at the bottom of Briggate (the main shopping street for those of you not from Leeds) therefore making it is easy to reach.

This is the first time both Sarah and I have had our hair cut in Leeds and it's such a shame we found it one week before we finish our second year! But at least we'll know where to go when we get back from our year out.

Annie x

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