Saturday, 12 May 2012

New Summer Clothes

Got something a little bit different for you today! I thought I'd show you some clothes I've picked up recently, this is actually loads for me, since being a student clothes shopping has taken a bit of back seat.


Both the tops are from Topshop and the shorts are both from Zara!

I hadn't actually shopped in Topshop for some years until I bought these tops over the last week(!) I don't know about anyone else but I got annoyed that when I was about 13/14 Topshop would have great clothes that were reasonably priced and as I've gotten older the prices have risen. Very annoying, especially when the quality of their clothing didn't seem to have improved to match the new higher prices. Mini-rant over.

So these clothes are quite summery which will be great when summer finally decides to appear! And since Sarah and I have both been accepted to be British Council Teaching Assistants(!!) they'll definately get some wear in Spain (and make me look even more obviously English). We don't know which areas of Spain we'll be living in yet but we will let you know. So excited!

So how do you feel about us having some fashion posts? Let us know what you think.

Annie x


  1. Gorgeous pieces doll. Im searching for a pair of lace shorts but haven't found any around here (ONT Canada) yet..great blog, New follower here:)
    Sara xx

    1. Thank you :) Hmmm, I have another very similar pair in white from River Island, if you can get RI over there? xx