Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

I don't think there's any other product so loved by beauty bloggers than the Cleanse and Polish, so when Liz Earle reduced the price back to its original £9.50 (actually cost £12.50 with P&P) for a limited time last week, I was quick to snap one up!

The package arrived very quickly, about two days later. The packaging itself was so lovely, everything was so expensive looking, always a plus. And I recieved a Skin Tint sample from Colour range, full product range book and Colour chart. Oh and a mini bottle of the cleanser and a spare muslin cloth. Phew, all that in one order!


The bottle pumps out the cleanser and only a tiny bit is needed for your whole face, as it's so rich. I did notice it had an aroma which I wasn't expecting, but it wasn't harsh or anything. Leave it soak in for a minute while you run some hot water for the muslin cloth. The cloth is quite rigid and dries rather quickly after use, since it is quite rigid you can fold it back up easily which I quite like so I can keep it all neat!

My skin feels so clean, fresh and soft after use so no complaints from me! (Never heard any, anyway!)
But the question is how does it compare to the Superdrug version? Well I'll write a proper post on that and will add the link when it's done!

Annie x


  1. i've used this before and it's really nice, do want to find a cheaper version though!

    Newest follower, love your blog! x

    1. Try the Superdrug one, does the same thing plus you get twice as much product for less than half the price! and thank youuu! x