Saturday, 7 April 2012

St Tropez Bronzing Mousse

St Tropez is a bit of a cult self tanner, but up until recently I'd never tried it, so when it was on BuyaPowa I snapped one up for the tidy price of £14 (instead of Boots price of £20.49).


Once it arrived I couldn't wait to try it out, but before I did I went and bought a tanning mitt. I opted for Soltan's simply because it was cheap and cheerful. I'd never used a mitt before, but god does it make a world of difference to application. Streak-free and easy. I typically apply about 2-3 pumps per leg (depending on how tan I want to be), 1 pump per arm, 2 pumps for my back and shoulders (I get my mum to do that for me, if I need it). Another thing I noticed is that I didn't smell like a biscuit with it on, it does have an aroma but it's rather subtle.

I recently wore St Tropez to my cousin's wedding, heres how a look at my colour.

Yes, the yellow circle covering my face is there on purpose. Eye-closed, double chin disaster lurking underneath! And I cropped my brother because he won't want his face on the internet.

I have to say I expected the colour to be darker, but it was very natural looking and makes my legs feel a lot smoother than other self tanners have. I'm glad I got mine for £14 because over £20 just to look a little browner just feels like a waste of money.

Annie x

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