Sunday, 1 April 2012

Skin Care Review: Effaclar AI Spot Treatment

As some of you might already know ( I'm sure you're seeing the trend of products I use!) I am always looking for a miracle it seems for my acne like patches and problematic, annoying skin I have the pleasure of owning. So, this weeks skincare review is a spot treatment cream I have been using for around 8 weeks now: La Roche Posay Effaclar AI .


I bought this from Boots for £9.19 which for such a small amount of product is definitely an expensive option! But seen as I've liked some of their products before I did have high hopes for this spot treatment, and I had seen so many good reviews online!

However, I have to say my own verdict is a little mixed to be honest. As far as the application goes, you hardly need any for each area and it seems to soak in really quickly. Also, the one thing I prefer about this in comparison to other 'on the spot' treatments is the fact I never got that dry feeling that you get a lot! Normally around the spots I get flaky, dry areas but this didn't do that at all, and sits under my makeup perfectly, I don't need to worry about patchy foundation.


But the end result that I actually wanted, for my spots to disappear, hasn't really happened. I would say that if you apply it straight away when you can feel a spot coming, it does stop it being as red and angry looking, but as for the spots themselves, they still seem to come and go at the usual rate and haven't noticed a lot of improvement. I am still holding out for it to kick in and suddenly start working, but at this rate it seems doubtful. And because of the price, I can't recommend this product when I know for a fact other budget type treatments have worked much better in the past, for a fraction of the cost!

So, still on my quest for a spot fighting miracle treatment for my skin. Could anyone recommend something they've tried? Or did this product work for you? Let me know :)

Sarah x

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