Friday, 6 April 2012

Review: Maybelline Eye Colour Tattoo

An eyeshadow cream that comes in great shades and can last 24 hours? Sounds good right, well I've been really putting it to the test.

P4020723 My tattoo colour is 'On and On Bronze', here's a photo of how it looks on my eyes (before I'd done anything)


The day I wore mine I spent the day lounging, carpet shopping and then walking the dog. So it's been a proper test I'd say. After lounging the colour was stil in tact with no creasing and after carpet shopping it was starting to fade, every so slightly, but with my eyes open you couldn't tell. [Bare in mind I have oily skin, so its going to fade faster]. The dog walk was real test, as soon as we stepped out it started chucking it down (sods law) so after a 5 mile walk, the result was pretty hadn't faded anymore than it had earlier in the day.

I'd say if you're looking for something to just whack on in the morning and not have to worry about for the rest of the day, this is your thing!

These colour tattoos are available in 7 shades at the moment and retail for £4.99 each.

Annie x

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