Sunday, 8 April 2012

Clarisonic Mia: Week 2 Review


Helloooo. First things first Happy Easter! I hope that everyone is having a lovley day and not eaten too much already (can't really say I've held back on the food marathon!)
Today is my week 2 review of my Clarisonic, and I have to say I haven't got too much to report back on, but that's not a bad thing! My skins condition is better than it has been in months, if I think back to the end of last summer when all my skin problems began. I've really started to notice a change in the texture of my skin this week. Normally my skin is desperate for extra moisture but recently when I wake up in a morning it feels silky smooth without needing anything extra on it, which is always a bonus for me as I want to spend as little time as possible and have extra time in bed!

Also, the scars on my cheeks they have definatley improved and it seems as though the scars are in their first stages of disappearing, thank the Loooord!! This has been my main problem, as no matter what I've used in the past, the type of acne I have been getting across my cheeks has left really dark looking patches as if the spots are still there, so hopefully I'm on the way to better looking skin!

Apart from that not a lot has happened, but seen as I expected a big purge with the problematic skin that I have, it still hasn't happened, which I'm beyond thankful about, because that is the last thing I'd want now the scars are clearing. Just to let you know I don't have pics up of my skin this week as the laptop is playing up so can't upload any, sorry about that!

Does anyone else know of a product that gets heals scars quicker or helps acne scars inparticular? Enjoy the rest of your easter!

Sarah x


  1. oooh I have read so many rave reviews about this product. I would recommend BIOFADE cream for healing acne scars. It was prescribed to me by my dermatologist, and it has sure helped.

    1. Thankyouuu, been searching everywhere for something so will have to check it out :)

  2. really want to try this out!
    i dont have bad skin just rare spots but quite bad discolouration especially in winter :(

    good review xx

  3. I use Clinique dark spot skin corrector and it's great at fading marks... Takes a few weeks to fully kick in though...

    1. Thanks for that will have to have a browse, I'm starting to have to get used to being patient but I always want something that works ASAP!