Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Budget Beauty: Superdrug Vitamin E Range


I only discovered the Superdrug Vitamin E Range after reading a post about it on Charlotte's blog. It was the hot cloth cleanser that originally intrigued me, I'd always wanted to try Liz Earle, but never wanted to spend £12 and then not like it. The Superdrug version costs a mere £6.

The bottle is 200ml, so its massive and will last a long time. You only need a pea sized amount each time because it’s so rich and creamy that it covers the whole face easily. I like to leave mine to soak into my skin a little bit then using the muslin cloth provided to rub it off. Splash my face with cold water et voila! I know I haven't tried the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser to be able to compare but it still leaves me skin feeling really clean and soft. It does claim to be for Normal to Dry skin, but my oily face copes fine with it and I haven't had any adverse reactions.

The other product from this range I used is Intense Moisture Cream, again this is aimed to target normal to dry skin, but I find it doesn't make my skin anymore oily than it makes itself. Before I switched to this moisturiser I was using Simple Rich Moisturiser to help tackle the dry patches I can get on my forehead, but no matter how often I applied it, my dry patches just didn't go. One use of this and my dry forehead was no more! Although it hasn't combated the dry patch I get under one eye, so might try an eye cream for this.

I really want to try out more from the Vitamin E Range, the Radiance Eye Cream and Body Scrub. The products I have have worked seem to do as good a job as their more expensive counterparts. You should definitely all check it out!

Annie x

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  1. Sounds like a great product, thanks for sharing.Definitely think i will check it out :D