Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Budget Beauty: BuyaPowa

This week I decided to venture away from a single product or brand and show you a good way to save money on lots of beauty products!

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BuyaPowa is a website that has lots of co-buys (four at a time). A co-buy when a product is sold in bulk in order to recieve a discount, a bit like Costco. Although unlike Costco, this website has lots of beauty goodies, recent co-buys include Clarisonic Mia, Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, Mac, Estee Lauder, Yves Saint name it they've done it and if they haven't you can always request it!

How does it work?
So if you see a product you want you can sign up to recieve an email for when it starts (although these emails do lag behind the actual start time). Click on the website and 'Join Co-buy' and you enter your payment details but don't actually pay until the co-buy closes. Either when the time runs out or the product is sold out. As more people join the co-buy the price drops gradually, once around 75% of products have been 'sold' the price reaches it 'best price'. This can be as low as 50% off or 10%.

If you don't want to actually enter the co-buy then you can use 'Share to Win' (under the leaderboard), this means that you share the co-buy with as many people as possible and hope that they actually enter the co-buy. [Note: Share to Win isn't available on every co-buy] The person who refers the most people (or is quickest to buy if no one refers anybody) is top of the leaderboard and at the end of the co-buy they recieve the product for free, or the cash equivlant.

What about delivery?
It usually takes about a week for products to get shipped by Royal Mail,then it can take about 3-4 days. It can take longer, afterall Royal Mail are hardly reliable. The more expensive products are sent by Recorded Mail, which is a nice safety precaution!

I love this website, I've bought three things from this website so far and enjoyed the discounts. So it's definitely worth stalking!

Annie x

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