Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Budget Beauty: Amazing Spot Remover

The product I'm covering this week isn't actually called Amazing Spot Remover, it's just a nice little nickname I've created for it! The product is actually Superdrug's Tea Tree Essential Oil.

Just to explain the difference between this and any other tea tree product, an essential oil is basically the pure liquid form of a plant. So the essential oil is like using a super concentrated form of those tea tree oil products.


I read about this over on someone else blog but can't remember who (if its your's let me know and I'll link you!) and promptly nipped to Superdrug to buy it. When a big red spot reared its ugly head, I just put one drop onto a cotton ball and dabbed it onto the area. Cotton balls work better then cotton pads or buds because they absorb too much of the product.

I also have to stress at this point that you really shouldn't use more than one drop (can be tricky though) because it is so strong it can make your skin worse.

So after I'd applied the one drop, had a nice sleep, wake up and voila, the redness and size is reduced! Use it again the next night and it more or less gets rid of it completely.

Compared to Origins Super Spot Remover which is £12 per 10ml, this is definately the cheaper option! If you dont want to use the stronger essential oil then a diluted version is available.

Got anymore spot busting tricks or tips, let me know!

Annie x

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  1. I have the Origins spot remover, I saw a post on someone tea tree oil but from body shop. I might have a look at this one in superdrug. x