Saturday, 24 March 2012

Summer Is Coming!

Spring is already upon us and the sun is doing its best to peek out and warm us all up again! This also means its time to start getting rid of the effects of winter. Namely, for me, on my lips!

My lips have been so dry lately and most of winter and despite slathering on my Carmex lip balm they just weren't getting any less dry. I remember my Aunty telling me that I shouldn't use Vaseline because petroleum jelly doesn't actually make a difference, it only superficially works when you use it. She suggested switching to Carmex, which I did, but it was only recently I took a look at the ingredients and BAM! there it was petroleum!

I remember reading it somewhere before that petroleum in beauty products is bad, but I only considered it to be part of lip balms and such like. A few minutes and an internet search later and I'd found lots of articles about petroleum being just a cheap by product of oil and is used in beauty products to add moisturising properties. Unfortunately, petroleum can't be absorbed by the skin so it just sits on top and creates the illusion that it's all lovely.

Anyway, enough of the anti-petroleum rant! Once I realised my Carmex had it, I decided to get rid and sort my lips out once and for all!

I need to shed away the dry old skin that was still on my lips so searched the net for a home made lip scrub.


Pretty much every recipe (can we call it a recipe?) said you needed a tea spoon of both honey and brown sugar. I had neither! But I did have the next best thing, golden syrup and white sugar! (I realise in the photo it's sugar and olive oil, I had a blonde moment when photographing). So I mixed the two in a little pot, applied it to my lips, waited a little bit, whilst resisting the urge to lick a little bit, then eventually scrubbed it off. I actually applied this mixture twice to really give my lips a proper scrub. Immediately after I'd washed any mixture off my face and lips I applied olive oil with a cotton ball.

I kept using olive oil to add a moisture to my lips, as and when they needed it. Then the final step towards non chapped lips happened in Boots yesterday when I was looking for a suitable lip balm. Enter Burt's Bees Rejuvenating Lip Balm with Acai Berry.


This lip balm is 100% natural ingredients, smells gorgeous and most importantly doesn't contain petroleum or any other names for it. Mineral oil, liquidum paraffinum, paraffin oil, paraffin wax and petrolatum, fyi.

Now I just need to tackle my lip biting problem and I'll be well away! Hope this helps some of you.

Annie xx

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