Friday, 16 March 2012

No. 7 Shine Free Primer


I bought this primer because suffering with oily skin, I wanted to prolong the wear of my foundation. With summer coming up I think a primer is exactly what I need since the heat causes it to disappear very quickly. What better than a Shine Free primer?!

I decided to try No.7 since they are a good brand and I’ve never had any complaints with their products before. I bought mine for £6 with a £5 off voucher, but you can buy it in Boots stores for £11 (not currently available online).

Where can I start? The first time I applied this primer it was right after I moisturised since the bottle says to apply moisturiser beforehand so I did and squeezed a little out onto my hand and tried to spread it on my face, tried being the key word, it was so thick and would not spread at all. The little bit I got on my face I had to try really hard to move it so it wasn't in white patches on my face, it dried so quickly that after barely a few seconds it became impossible to move it, instead it sort of flaked off my face. It did live up to its mattifying qualities though, maybe a little too much and that's its problem? When applying my foundation it did go on well, except anywhere you hadn’t completely rubbed it in where the foundation caught onto it making it look like you have dry flaky skin.

Despite my bad experience I decided to give it a second go, this time waiting until it my moisturiser had soaked in for a round twenty, thirty minutes. I also tried to warm the product up in my fingers before applying it, this did help it spread a little further but nowhere near a good enough standard.

Third time lucky, I tried to apply it again. This time however I tried mixing it with my moisturiser and applying them at the same time. This actually worked! It went really well and left my skin matte by not dried out. Unfortunately I didn't notice my foundation lasting any longer though.

I had such high hopes for this primer but considering that it only applies properly when mixed with moisturiser and didn't prolong my foundation, it doesn't really seem worth it! I think you'd have to have really oily skin for it to spread well without mixing it; this is the only case I think it could work with.

So, does anyone know of a good, reasonably priced primer I could try?

Annie x


  1. Great Post!


  2. Oh no hmmm try the bodyshop one

    NRC ♥

    1. Might have to check it out, thanks! xx

  3. I am using this primer at the moment and I've learned that the trick is to pat it on quickly,small areas of your face. Also,less is more. I've a very oily nose and chin and this ensures my foundation doesn't slide off and is very much in place til about 3p.m. I'm getting married in two weeks and I feel very confident this will keep my face picture perfect for the day :-)

    1. Really? I might have to give it another go! Do you find it reduces shine or just makes your foundation last? Ahh, good luck for the big day! xx