Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Budget Beauty: Real Techniques Brushes

I'm sure you're all well aware of the Pixiwoo girls and the range of brushes that Samantha produces called Real Techniques, but if you're not here's a little introduction.

Samantha Chapman (along with her sister) runs Pixiwoo on YouTube, arguably the biggest beauty YouTube channel, and has been working as a makeup artists for 15 years, shes worked for Tatler, Cosmo and Elle to name a few and celebrities such as Peaches Geldof, Ashley Tisdale and Sir Paul McCartney. Basically she knows what she's on about when it comes to designing makeup brushes, so she did.

Real Tenchqiues brushes all have aluminium handles, making them lightweight and Taklon bristles, making them cruelty free. Also each brush is named, so you know what you're meant to use it for.

Currently I have the Core Collection which contains the Buffing Brush, Contour Brush, Detailer Brush and Pointed Foundation Brush. As with most of the blogging world I am completly overwhelmed with the amazingness of the buffing brush, applying foundation is easy peasy and takes barely any time compared to the classic foundation brush, you don't have to go over it to get rid of brush stroke marks!

Real Techniques Core Collection

I've already had to wash these brushes, since I've used them so much already and they keep their shape after you've washed them as well unlike others I own (Sigma, I'm looking at you!). Always a plus because once brushes lose their shape thats it

Now £20.95 (or £21.99 if you buy them from boots) for this set doesn't sound like much of budget buy, but considering you get four brushes that works out at just over £5 a brush and considering the quality then definately go for it! I haven't bought any of the other brushes yet, but just a quick google search will tell that they're really good, so check 'em out!

Annie xx


  1. really need to get my hands on these! i saw them in my boots the other day as well! lovely post and lovely blog!

    1. You really do need to get them! Thank youu, we really appreciate it :) xx