Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Budget Beauty: MUA Makeup Academy Part 1

Another feature we decided to have is Budget Beauty. Focusing on a different brand or product each week that's suitable for a student budget, this week it's the turn of much blogged about beauty brand MUA Makeup Academy.

MUA launched in 2010 with the aim of creating affordable, high quality make-up and have since spread like wild fire! With prices for their original range all being £1, it's no wonder why.

It was these prices that made me want to try MUA and I’ve never looked back. I currently own; two pro eye shadow palettes, a bronzer, a glitter eyeliner, a lipstick, eye primer and 4 nail polishes! This review will be spread over two posts, otherwise it'd be an essay and no one will want to read that much text!

Heaven and Earth Palette

DSC_0178 This is by far my most used eye product, the shades are just gorgeous for both day time and going out in the evening. You can't really tell but my most used shade is the top right gold shade. I'll use this in day time just swiped over my eyelids or in the evening I use it with two others to create a really pretty golden smokey look.

Immaculate Collection

DSC_0179 I actually received this palette for free from MUA online store because I spent £8. It has 24 shadows, in a variety of shades with both matte and shimmer effects. My most used shadow is the glitter gold shade (noticing a theme?) but having this palette has helped me to be more daring than I usually am with eye shadow. I’ve even branched out into pinks, so very daring!(These palettes are actually the only ones I've bought and cover all my eye shadow needs)

Eye Primer


This is basically a necessity if you’re going to be wearing MUA eye shadows for long periods of time. Before I had this and went out clubbing my eye shadow would’ve disappeared into the crease on my eye lid before the night was through. Now my eyeshadow stays intact all night!

Glitter Eyeliner - Shade 4


Continuing with this mini gold trend, this is my favourite liquid eyeliner, mainly due to the fact it's glitter and, of course, the shade. It catches the light beautiful and just looks so nice! And it does not budge all day! The only criticism I have is that the brush isn't fantastic; mine has a few hairs that have got caught stuck out and get in the way when I'm trying to apply it. Also be warned the drying time on this is quite long so it can transfer to near the brow bone.

Part one, done! Let me know what you think.
Annie x


  1. hot kitty clothing15 March 2012 at 00:45

    hi really liking your blog so far, i would like to know more info on how easy it is to apply and also how easy does it blend into your skin or just lay on top , if you could include that in your next post.
    keep up the good work one of my favourite blogs girls xoxo

    1. Hello, thanks for your question. I use a Sigma E55 to apply my eyeshadow(s) then E40 to blend if necessary. I would say that they do sort of sit on top of your skin, I found that if I touched my eyelid I'd get a little bit of eyeshadow on my finger but when I've checked in a mirror you can't tell they've been touched. Hope thats answers your question for you! xx