Friday, 17 August 2012

YSL Shocking Mascara


Considering how long I've had this mascara I'm surprised I haven't posted about it yet! I bought it through BuyaPowa a few months ago and after an initial love affair, I stopped using it as much just because I felt like I was over using it so couldn't see what it was doing anymore, if you get what I mean?

It's got loads of little bristles so really coats the lashes well without clumping them together. Giving you loads volume and making it look like you have a million lashes!

It isn't perfect though, it does flake a bit during the day, which is a shame since this is the first high end brand mascara I've tried and it hasn't inspired confidence for me trying any others.

Considering at full price it costs £23 I won't be buying it again when it runs out, but I'll absolutely love it while it lasts


He comprado este mascara de hace unos meses de la pagina de web de precio rebajado, Buyapowa (desafortunadamente reparte solo en el Reino Unido). Al principio era un affaire, pero he usado excesivo, así paré. Tiene muchos de cerdas, que capa todos pestañas sin se agrupan. Se dando millones de pestañas! Aunque no es perfecto, durante el día, va a pelarse. Que lastima! Es el primer mascara de alta categoría y no lo he inspirado para probar más. Me encanta mis pestañas cuando lo uso pero el precio es demasiado alto.

Annie x

Sunday, 12 August 2012

How To Retain Youthful Skin/ Part 3: Sugar

We've covered the sun and what you should be eating so far in this youthful skin series, but this post is all about what you shouldn't be eating.

A beautiful visualisation of sugar. From Google.


The worst dietary offender for aging you is apparently sugar. Yes, not only does it have no nutritional value so making you put on weight, but it can also make you look older too. Although it makes things taste divine. The Bastard.

How does it age you?
Sugar attaches itself to the collagen in our skin, making the collagen more brittle, therefore more likely to break. It also makes it harder for the skin to repair itself.
The aging effects of sugar have been studied in the following way. Participants were asked to guess the age of a group from about 600 faces, these were standardised images and showed no hair or anything off the face that could help them guess the age that wasn't the skin. Each group was made up of faces of a similar age and skin type also. As well as having been tested to discover their blood glucose level. Here are the results.

The results speak for themselves, the higher your blood glucose level you have, the older people perceive you to be. Also if you have a low blood glucose level then people can assume you're 10 years younger than you actually are! Diabetics are included because they've been exposed to a high blood glucose level for much longer, as you can see they have the highest perceived age.

How can you prevent it?
I'll get the solution in a minute, but first let me explain how it works.
Studies in glycobiology, the study of complex sugars on our tissues, look at glycans which are vital for helping all our cells communicate with each other.

This shows how the two different layers of skin (epidermis and dermis)are connected through glycans. But as we get older the gylcans start to dwindle and messages about creating collagen don't get sent. Which means the collagen begins to deflate.

Some deflating collagen for ya.

L'Oreal (who completed the above study) claim that they've created a cream which will increase the number of glycans, therefore restoring collagen levels and eliminating sagging and wrinkles. Although skeptical that a cream can penetrate deep enough to have any results. L'Oreal's own studies have these results to brag.


This shows results after only one months usage. Bettering results than that by microdermabrasion. So another product to keep your eye out for, although L'Oreal still need to publish their results first, so could be a while yet.

Wowww, after three mahoosive posts, I've finally explained everything that was on the programme. Hopefully you found it interesting and it isn't too chock-a-block full of confusing science.
Something to remember is that none of these new progressions are claiming to eliminate wrinkles completely but simply make them appear later in life, in a shallower and shorter way. Until then just eat right, wear SPF and don't worry about wrinkles!

Annie x

Saturday, 11 August 2012

How To Retain Youthful Skin/ Part 2: Diet

Over in Part 1 I talked about the lovely aging effects of the sun and today's turn is diet. But before then I'm going to explain exactly what it is our diet can help combat.


So it turns out even breathing ages you. We can't catch a break. 1% of the oxygen we breath in goes into breaking down the fiberblasts in our dermis. Fiberblast is responsible for producing collagen (the substance which plumps out our skin), so over time oxygen breaks the connection between fiberglass and collagen. These picture shows the web of connection between the two in a young person in the first image and in an old person in the second.


They didn't show a zoomed out image of the older persons dermis but you can tell it's not as intricate and tightly wound as it is in young people.

So how does diet come into this?
Scientists that specialise in something called oxidative stress (which I think they're trying to say is what I've mentioned above) believe they hold the answer to recharging our fiberblasts. There are four diets rules mentioned that they think can help keep you looking young.
1/ Look for bright colours - The best is apparently the tomato. Tomato contains lots of lycopene, which not only gives the tomato its colour but it also absorbs reactive oxygen species and preventing oxidative stress.
2/ Look for bitter tasting fruit and veg - The example given was broccoli, this contains glucosinolates. This stuff helps the skin cells defend themselves, therefore protecting from aging. Other foods include radishes, brussels, sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower. All my faves. (Saracasm)
3/Lots of oily fish - Ah yes, I've already spoken in detail about the benefits of oily fish, well omega 3, here so won't bore you again. But basically its the anti-inflammatory aspect of Omega 3 that dulls down the effects of oxidative stress.
4/Avoid starchy foods That's rice, potatoes and pasta gone from your life.

Thankfully (ish) they do go on to say that it's nearly impossible to consume the amount of vegetables and fruit needed for it to have any dazzling effects.

The Future
Those pesky scientists are at it again, this time developing a pill which holds all the benefits of these diet rules. Not only do they claim that this pill can reduce the speed of aging, but it also harnesses the power to reverse it. It was initially tested in labs on dormant fiberblast cells which became to product collagen again once the pills ingredients were introduced. Later 480 women from all over Europe were given the pill to take for 14 weeks. Below is a before and after of one participants eye.

As you can see the wrinkles are more shallow and shorter, after taking the pill for 14 weeks.

Unilever, the company responsible for the research and product development, are going to publish their results for the scientific world to test themselves. I presume that if other people's studies results match their own then they'll consider the selling this pill.

Until this magically pill is released to the general public, try and stick to those dieting rules and not only will your skin thank you, your body will too!That's diet covered, for now, the third part will cover the tasty delight and pure evilness that is sugar. Don't forget if you want to see this whole programme for yourself the link is here.

Annie x

Friday, 10 August 2012

How to Retain Youthful Skin/ Part 1: Sun

Last night when I couldn't sleep I noticed Horizon's The Truth About Looking Young on BBC2, thought I'd stick it on and it was actually very interesting. Like the title suggests it covered the topic of anti-aging. How you age and how to prevent it. Most of it is already common sense such as sun and diet are the things that effect you're aging, but I thought I'd give a run down of what was said.


Mr Sun
How does it age you?
So there's two different types of rays that effect the skin, UVA and UVB. UVA ages you and UVB burns you. Only UVA ages you because the rays are strong enough to penetrate the skin, whereas UVB can only enter the epidermis therefore only burning your skin on top.

Screen cap from BBC iPlayer.

Scientists have studied lorry drivers, because despite them spending a lot of time inside their cabs, where the windows protect them against UVB rays, they're not protected against UVA. Since lorry drivers aren't known for their beauty regimes, it can be trusted they are doing nothing to protect themselves from the sun, making them perfect test subjects. The results show that they significantly more wrinkles on their right side (the road side) proving that UVA rays are responsible for aging you.

Screen cap from BBC iPlayer.
This photo of the presenter's face shows the vast difference between number of wrinkles (green lines) even for normal drivers.

How can you prevent it?
I think we all know the answer is wearing an SPF everyday, not just when you're going to be in the sun. Look for products with 5* UVA ratings, such as No.7's Lift and Luminate Day Cream. for full anti-aging benefits and a high SPF number for UVB protection.

However the secret to ultimate protection from the sun's ray lies in the sea. Since all fish and such like don't burn or seem to suffer any harmful effects of the sun, they looked into why. It appears that coral is able to create a substance that it absorbed into its cells that protects itself from both UVA and UVB rays. The fish then eat the coral, so it's passed through the food chain.

The Future
Using this knowledge scientists are developing a once-a-day capsule which has the ability to provide high protection from UVA rays and medium protection from UVB. Which means you can stop the aging effects of the sun and still tan without having to slather on the sun cream every few hours. It's hopefully going to be ready for release in 5 years. Just 5 years! This has the potential to revolutionise the sun care and beauty market, so keep your eyes peeled!

Hopefully this isn't too wordy and I've managed to explain it in simple but detailed manner. In part two tomorrow I'll talk about diet. Or if you can't wait go and watch it yourself here.

Annie x

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Benefit Coralista Blusher


Say hello to my favourite blusher, Benefit's Coralista giving me pink but highlighted cheeks all in on one sweep of the brush!

I've got to say I'm not a blusher girl I've had one sitting in my draw for years and that's it. Why would I want to add redness to my face I wondered?! (So when I say favourite I mean first one I've actually liked.) Enter Coralista, the shade looks great whether I'm pale or boasting a tan, so I'll definitely be taking it with me to Spain

I really like the brush too, as you can see, since it's a line I can easily drag it up along my cheekbones and use the end to sort of buff a bit on the apple area (but not all over the apples, as advised by Wayne)

Something I find a little weird though, is that it has scent, although I've not smelt it when I'm wearing the blusher, but this might make it unsuitable for some sensitive skin types

It's £23.50 for one box, which will probably last ages, I've had mine for months and you can barely see I've used it.


Diga hola a mi colorete favorito, Coralista por Benefit, una rosa linda con un poco iluminador. Normalmente no estoy un aficionado de colorete, porque quiero una cara roja?! Pero cuando intentó Coralista, fue amor! Complementa el piel blanco o piel moreno, así voy a tomarlo a España conmigo. También me gusta la brocha, la forma significa que puede aplicar fácilmente a mis pómulos (pero no las manzanas de las mejillas, según de Wayne). Un aspecto sorprente es que este colorete tiene una aroma que pienso es un poco raro, porque un colorete necesita un olor? Pero lo me gusta mucho!

Annie x

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Budget Beauty Blender

Just want to start this with a quick thanks to VIPXO for making this post possible! You've probably heard of the original Beauty Blender but for £16 I can't say I was desperate to get one, so when Victoria posted about her Ebay beauty blender I thought I could sacrifice £1.98 to try it.

The shape isn't exactly the same but I think this design makes it easy to hold. I use the big end for applying foundation, and the pointed end for blending under the eyes or contouring. I have to agree with Victoria it does give a slight dewy finish. It's easy to clean as well, since it doesn't really absorb much product at all.

It's a brilliant bargain, so if you can wait the three odd weeks delivery takes then give it a go.


Quiero intentar a traducir mis posts a Español porque necesito practicarlo! Espero que pueda leerlas. No dude en contactarme sobre problemas con mi uso de lengua.

Gracias a VIPXO por su entrada sobre este producto, sus hallazgos de Ebay son incredibles.

Suponga que sabes sobre la original Beauty Blender pero con el precio de 19.84€ no era entusiasta para probar. Cuando Victoria escribí su entrada sobre una versión muy barato de EBay decidí a inténtalo.

La forma no es el mismo, pero prefiero este forma porque me parece que es más fácil para tener. Uso el parte grande por mi base de maquillaje y el parte en punta por corrector o contorno. Da un resulte de roció (no pude traducir este frase, pues no sé si es correcto). Es fácil para limpiar porque no absorbe mucho de los productos. Si no te molesta para esperar sobre tres semanas, compralo.

Annie x

Friday, 3 August 2012

Benefit Cabana Glama Palette


Easily my favourite thing from my Benefit raffle win (Yes, still reviewing things from Bloggers Boutique)is their Cabana Palette. I love the eyeshadows, the bronzer, the little pot of some kind of gorgeous foundation. And I like the packaging, nicely designed box with a handy mirror! It's a one-stop kind of palette.

A full breakdown of what (and how much) is included, it has Some Kind-A Gorgeous in medium (3.5g), Hoola (4.0g), Posie Tint (2.5ml) and an Eyeshadow Palette (3.5g), which contains, Peach Fizz, Bronze Fizz and Cocoa Pizzazz.

This whole palette works wonderfully together, which it should and gives a gorgeous summery look. There's directions in the sleeve which show you how and where to apply it so it can't go wrong! Although it does say to apply the foundation with the sponge provided, small problem of no sponge being provided...but I probably wouldn't use it anyway.

I'm so glad I had the chance to try this palette out as I doubt I would've considered it otherwise, it's also started a love affair with Hoola bronzer which I need to pick up the full size version of.

At £28.50 it isn't particularly cheap (when is Benefit ever) although you can't buy the eyeshadows as lone products so if the colours appeal to you then might be worth a shot.

Annie x